Academic Medicine Interest Group (AMIG)

About AMIG

AMIG is established and sustained by students to present academic medicine as a career path within any specialty choice. The organization provides important communication links between other student organizations as well as with the school’s leadership. Through opportunities for education, research, mentorship, service, professional development, and academic collaboration, AMIG will provide resources to further the exploration of careers in academic medicine and help develop medical students into well-rounded and effective physicians. We hope to identify and expand upon various professional development opportunities such as research, service, leadership, and education. Our objective is to raise awareness among medical students early in their education about the potential academic career opportunities.


AMIG at BSOM has the following aims:

1. Expose students to academic medicine as a career path

2. Provide opportunities to grow as a professional in medicine

3. Offer additional training in research, and teaching

4. Create collaborative initiatives with school programs, and other interest groups 

5. Assist BSOM in being a community leader through service Grow BSOM as a community leader


AMIG Research Contact: Faith Neidert (

AMIG Research Liaisons: Justin Lindsay (

Faculty Contacts:

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Research Projects

With medical education research, individuals need to come up with their own projects and have their fellow classmates aid them in their work. Justin Lindsay, the AMIG Liaison, is happy to sit down with people to help them figure out projects they are interested in. As it currently stands there are not projects readily available for students. 


Individuals should contact Dr. Manger, Dr. Parikh, or other professors involved in medical education.