Dayton's Children's Hospital


IRB Specialist at Dayton Children's: Beverly Comer (

Step by step guide for research at Dayton Children's

1)      Find a Mentor for a project.

2)      Dayton Children’s uses IRBnet Electronic System for submissions. All researchers will need to register in IRBNet

3)      Ensure that CITI training is completed for yourself and your PI

4)      Upload CITI training to IRBNet

5)      Add CV/Resume to IRBNet user profile

6)      For more questions about registering with IRBNet follow this link: 

1.B. IRBNet Registration & Link CITI, Add CV, Credentials Instructions 2.28.20.docx 

7)      Go into IRBNet to the "Forms and Templates" button in the left margin:

a.      First view and follow Item #2A. NEW RESEARCH STUDY SUBMISSION:  PRC (Pre-Review) CHECKLIST

       i.      Once approved by the PRC it can be submitted to the DCH IRB.

       ii.      See Form 2.B. NEW RESEARCH – IRB submission checklist.

8)      For Submission to the DCH IRB:

a.      In IRBNet “Forms and  Templates”:   Pull up document 1.A. IRBNet USER MANUAL

b.      In the manual - See Section IV. "Create a New Project" for instructions on submitting the new study project through IRBNet 

c.      The IRB new research study submission forms can be found in the “Forms and Templates” button (these forms begin in form Items starting # 5) 

d.      IRBNet form 5.A.2. Petition will document that WSU is engaged in the research.

e.      Upon receipt of DCH IRB’s approval, please submit in WSU’s electronic submission system; include the DCH IRB approval letter.

9)      Person of contact for any questions along this journey is Beverly Comer who is an IRB specialist for Dayton Children’s Hospital.