How do I write a local protocol/IRB?

What Is A Project Lead? 

A project lead is the person who brought the research project to the collaborative. Their role is to attend an initial onboarding meeting and then provide research updates every three months to help ensure our research hub is up to date! 

For independent projects: as the lead investigator on the project, you are in charge of decision-making on how to execute the plan. Being the lead investigator gives you the ability to recruit co-investigators to assist with your project and find a faculty mentor that will best suit your interest. Think of this role as a modified 'principle investigator' and 'first author' combined. 

What Is An Amsax[Specality Interest] Research Liasion? 

Specialty Interest Group Liaisons update the AMSAxBSOM Research Collab with resources on specific fields or topics of interest, including information on research contacts, research opportunities, conferences, and journals specific to the field. 

Liaisons serve 1-year terms beginning in December of each year, with the opportunity to hold the position for multiple years if desired. 

Information provided by Specialty Interest Liaisons can be found under the Research Hub, and individual specialites under the Medical Specialties Tab. 

What Projects Can Join The Collaborative? 

Any project is welcome to join! Regardless of affiliation with Boonshoft, Wright State, or AMSA. Projects are not required to have a Wright State faculty member as their faculty mentor. We welcome projects regardless of what stage of development it is in and will provide resources to help guide you on your path to publication or presentation. These projects can be student-led and/or they can be projects implemented by faculty!

How Do I Become A Project Lead? 

Have an idea for a project and don't know where to begin? Reach out and we will help craft a plan for your project. 

If you are already on a project, submit your project in the collaborative interest form and we will put you down as the Project Lead.

Why Should I Join the AMSAxBSOM Research Collaborative? 

Whether you are submitting an existing project to help contribute to our database or submitting a new project idea, we are here to help with all your research needs. Becoming a project lead in the AMSAxBSOM research collaborative is a leadership position you can put on your resume, will give you priority when applying to our fund, and will allow you to utilize all the resources we have to offer. 

What Is The AMSAxBSOM Research Fund? 

Stay tuned! More information coming soon!