Dayton VA Research


Associate Chief of Staff for Education and Research: Dr. Robert Mott (

Research and Development Administrative Officer: Nicholas McCray (

Direct emails to Dr. Mott and cc Nicholas McCray


 Research at the VA requires completion of the VA Human Subjects CITI training module in addition to all other CITI modules required by Wright State. This can be found by searching Dayton VA on CITI. Be sure to discuss this in your correspondence with Dr. Mott and Mr. McCray.

Must decide if your project at the VA is considered Research or Quality improvement. Having a meeting with Dr. Mott will help you determine this differentiation.

The VA uses IRBnet for its IRB. Instructions below.

The VA requires approval from both the IRB and their R&D (research and development) committee. 

If doing research at the VA you must set up a meeting with Dr. Mott to complete your WOC. This is typically done third year but can easily be done earlier.

IRB's of record are able to be used for research at the VA, however, R&D committee approval is still needed. 

Another point of contact for research at the VA is chief resident Akruti Prabhakar who does a fair bit or research. Email is: 

Step by step guides for research at the VA

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Steps to getting a project started at the Dayton VA.

Cayuse and IRBNet New Submission Flowchart.xlsx  

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Steps for being added to a research study at the VA.

Steps for determining if your project is considered quality improvement instead of research.

Dayton VA Research.docx 

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VA projects that may constitute research.

Is This VA Research.docx