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AMSAxGenetics Research Liaison: Taylor Johnson (

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Research Opportunities

Summer Genetics Scholars Program - American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics Foundation

Dayton Childrens Opportunities: 

Wright State University - Center for Genomics Research (CGR)

 Dr. Michael Markey - - Director of the Center for Genomics Research

Departmental Research Resources 

Dr. John Paietta -

Current research:

  Using a molecular genetic approach to study the sulfur regulatory system of a filamentous fungus

Studying regulatory interactions and organization of the eukaryotic multigene network

Dr. Kwang-Jin Cho - 

Current research:

Molecular mechanisms of K-Ras interaction with the plasma membrane, and discovery of compounds and proteins that regulate K-Ras plasma membrane interaction

May be helpful in future anti-cancer therapies

 Dr. Michael Craig - 

Current research: 

Analysis of microRNA expression changes in response to exercise in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, during aging, and associated with muscle inflammation in end-stage osteoarthritis

Office of Naval Research MURI Initiative with the University of Alabama, Birmingham and the Salk Institute aimed at identifying the epigenetic mechanisms underlying athletic performance changes occurring in response to moderate and high-intensity exercise

Dr. Madhavi Kadakia - 

Current research:

 Signaling pathways regulated by p63 and its role in cancer

Dr. Michael Leffak - 

 Current research:

 The study of proteins and DNA sequences that control DNA replication in eukaryotic cells and the relationship of replication to human disease. 

Causes and consequences of break induced replication at microsatellite DNAs

Dr. Weiwen Long - 

Current research:

ERK3 signaling in cancer progression and metastasis

FBXL16 as an oncogenic F-Box protein in human cancers

 Dr. Michael Markey - - Director of the Center for Genomics Research

Dr. Oleg Paliy  - - Research Lab Website

Current research:

Role of gut microbes in human health and GI diseases

Gut microbiota as a modulator of diet and nutrition

Host-microbial interactions of pathogenic and commensal enterobacteria

Metabolic interactions in complex microbial communities

Dr. Hongmei Ren - 

Current research: 

Lipid metabolism and its association with autophagic clearance of mitochondria and homeostasis

Lipid metabolism’s effects on cardiac and skeletal muscle function

Dr. Daniel T. Organisciak - 

Current research:

Vision loss from retinal photoreceptor cell degeneration

Looking at how long term light environment and genetics impacts this process

Dr. Paula Bubulya - 

Current research:

Defining mechanistic functions for Btf, TRAP150, and SON in fundamental cellular processes including nuclear speckle organization, gene regulation, and cell cycle control

Dr. Shulin Ju - 

Current research:

Characterizing the functions of proteins involved in familial Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (fALS) in order to target them for drug design

Dr. Ola Kolawole - 

Current research: 

Focus on understanding mechanisms of virus-host cell interactions and virus evolution in order to develop antivirals

Focus on respiratory diseases and diarrheal diseases

Dr. Quan Zhong -  - Research Lab Page 

Current research: 

How several neurodegenerative disease-associated proteins disrupt highly conserved cellular processes

Focus on a-synuclein, which when misfolded creates the Lewy bodies found in Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease


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